About Courses

Preparations before Class

Students should prepare to explore the basic understanding of anatomy, physiology, chemistry and pathology. These tutorials should give inspiration to further your studies as well as share with others about True Organic Chemistry.

Please have writing notebook ready

Print worksheets to follow along with CERTAIN Tutorials



Assignments will be based on the topic of discussion and will be due the Wednesday before class discussion.

Attendance and Participation

All students are asked to be present all 6 online Health Tutorials and 4 live class discussions.

It is required that each Student needs to interact through in our private group weekly  



Plant Based Nutrition: Learn what PHYTOCHEMICALS are used to fight Cancer and Viruses: Detox Mechanism through FOOD.

Glucose Metabolism: ORGANS that control blood sugar, Support Pancreas and Kidneys with Diabetes treatment.

Vitamins:  Discover the WICKED conspiracy of the Vitamin Industry, how they work and what they do to our BODY

Brain Health: Learn Functions of the BRAIN, Detox Mechanism of Brain, RELATE to disorder such as DEPRESSION, schizophrenia and AUSTISM.

VIRUS VS. FUNGUS: Causes and Functions. Differences and History