About Courses

Preparations before Class

Students should prepare to explore the basic understanding of anatomy, physiology, chemistry and pathology. These tutorials should give inspiration to further your studies as well as share with others about True Organic Chemistry.

Please have writing notebook ready

Print worksheets to follow along with CERTAIN Tutorials


Assignments will be based on the topic of discussion and will be due the Wednesday before class discussion.

Attendance and Participation

All students are asked to be present all 6 online Health Tutorials and 4 live class discussions.

It is required that each Student needs to interact through in our private group weekly  

Semester 1

Biochemistry of Hair

Keratin Synthesis

Skin Health Solutions 101

Joint & Cartilage

Carbohydrate Metabolism


Fat Metabolism


Complete Semester 1 Package

Semester 2

Hormone Biosynthesis

Men's Health Testosterone

Kidney Filtration & Water Chemistry

Liver Detoxification

Womb Health Part 1

Womb Health Part 2

Lung Health

Hypertension Lecture

Semester 3


Power of Honey

Diabetes & Pancreas Lecture

Vitamin A Conspiracy

Vitamin D Conspiracy

Brain Anatomy/ Physiology

Brain - Gut Connection

Fungus vs. Virus

Semester 4

Herbal Chemistry 101

Benefits of Acids

Power of Lemons

Toxic Grains

Chelation Therapy

Tincture & Tonic Metabolism

Skin Healing Solutions 102

Herbal Pain Medicine

Semester 5

Erectilel Dysfunction

Dissolve Fibroids

Stop Smoking

End High Blood Pressure

Eye Restoration

Restoring Kidneys

Balancing Thyroid Function

Semester 6

Top 5 Immune Boosting Herbs

Benefits of Water Fasting

Hearing Aids


Heat Shock Therapy

Hair & Skin Oils

Bone Building Strength

Mitochondrial Health

Herbal Chemistry Semester

Orientation & Crystal Energy

Drug Induced Diseases

Herbal Tonics

Womb Health 201

Herpes: Natural Healing

Introduction to Metaphysics

Toxic Grains

Depression Part 2

Benefits of Oil